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Why Choose
OTTE Chrysalis Limited?

01. Services offered within an Architectural Framework

OTTE Chrysalis Limited offers a Framework of Services that is not limited to just a standard management consultancy.

02. Advisory & Execution

We do not just advise our clients and wait for them to execute the plan. Instead, we provide them a digital office space operating with a centralized self-service model and orchestrate all team members committed to the project on clients' end.

03. Expert Network & Stakeholders

We bring together leading experts from the digital tech space including but not limited to online retail, marketing, design, real estate, logistics, government, international organizations committed to improving the state of our clients by helping them to shape their agenda by using our Framework Architecture that definitely has skyrocketed in the “New Normal”.

Connections and the already-in network in the space are vital for successful execution.

04. Contractor Base

A successful project cannot be a one-man show. OTTE Chrysalis Limited has an extensive contractor base that can immediately act on every aspect of the business needs; including but not limited to legal, marketing, field sales, and alike. 

Terms of

OTTE CHYRSALIS LIMITED (“OTTE”) resides at; 17 Green Lanes, London, England, N16 9BS, operates this website you are currently visiting (“Website”) pursuant to the rules stated in this Terms of Use, which is also published on the Website.


The visitors who browse on the Website (“Visitors”) are deemed to be agreed and declared to have read its content in full and to approve all of its provisions as stated below. 



Otte is the sole owner of all contents posted and available on the Website and it shall not permit or consent to any unlawful use thereof, including, in particular, any and all uses mentioned below, and the acquisition, reproduction, process and use of the contents or the insertion of any link to such contents.

  • The use of the Website by the Member or a third party to create, control, update or change a database, record or guideline that belongs to the user or a third party;

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  • The connection quality and its fees of the visitors may vary depending on their connection speeds. This may affect the performance in using the Website, but Otte under no circumstance shall be liable in this regard.  Fees and additional costs arising from any connection for any device shall be borne by the Visitor. 

  • These terms and conditions shall be regularly announced on the Website and such terms and conditions may be changed when deemed necessary by being published on the Website. The visitor shall be obliged to follow and regard such rules/terms via Website.

  • Data Protection principles are covered in our Privacy Policy and thus please visit the relevant pages for further information. 



The information offered on the Website may include specifications or general descriptions of the technical options for products, including their technical dimensions, that may not be available in all cases (e.g. due to product modifications) and thus Otte does not guarantee its accuracy and validity. For this reason, the required product performance characteristics and other product features that might be necessary for the planning and implementation of lighting projects will only be stipulated upon request and/or purchase orders.


The visitor may not resell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce the contents provided over the Website, or the copyrighted Works; otherwise, he/she shall be responsible to indemnify and cover any and all other liabilities including but not limited to court expenses and attorney’s fee along with such amount of compensation asked from Otte on account of the losses suffered by third parties, including but not limited to, the licensors.


The rights of Otte for all of its assets, real and personal rights, commercial data and know-how including any tangible and intellectual property rights it possesses through the software it shall provide at the Website, commercial knowledge, copyrighted works, trademarks, trade dressing or Website are reserved and may not be used without permission.



In all circumstances that are considered to be force major events legally, Otte shall not be responsible to underperform or not to perform any of its obligations set out herein late or at all. Any late or incomplete performance in case of a force major event shall not be considered a non-performance or an event of default, or the visitor shall not have the right to claim any right or compensation under any name against Platform in such circumstances.  The term “force major event” shall refer to any event that is beyond the reasonable control of Platform and that cannot be avoided in spite of the necessary due care and diligence, including but not limited to God’s acts, riots, state of war, strike, cyber-attacks, communication troubles origination from service providers and access issues, technical infrastructure and Internet breakdowns or malfunctions, system improvement or upgrade works and related malfunctions, power shortage and extreme weather conditions.



The visitor agrees, represents and undertakes that all electronic and system records and commercial records as well as book records, microfilms and microfiches and computer records maintained at the Website and its servers shall constitute valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence in case of any dispute that may arise.


The laws of England & Wales shall apply to this Terms of Use and the courts of London shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute that may arise.

The Visitors are deemed to be accepted and are bound by the terms as stated, during their visit to the Website. All related inquiries can be directed to the contact details on the Website.

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