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Digital Transformation and Global Expansion Journey

Why Choose OTTE Chrysalis Limited?

01. Services offered within an Architectural Framework
OTTE Chrysalis Limited offers a Framework of Services that is not limited to just a standard management consultancy.

02. Advisory & Execution
We do not just advise our clients and wait for them to execute the plan. Instead, we provide them a digital office space operating with a centralized self-service model and orchestrate all team members committed to the project on clients' end.

03. Expert Network & Stakeholders
We bring together leading experts from the digital tech space including but not limited to online retail, marketing, design, real estate, logistics, government, international organizations committed to improving the state of our clients by helping them to shape their agenda by using our Framework Architecture that definitely has skyrocketed in the “New Normal”.

04. Contractor / Investor Network
A successful project cannot be a one-man show. OTTE Chrysalis Limited has an extensive contractor / Investor Network that can immediately act on every aspect of the business needs; including but not limited to legal, marketing, field sales, and alike.

05. Venture Team Services for Founders, Startups and Investors

Our Services

Our Services

Customized solutions and implementation plans to meet your objectives within the time frame required.

Our Services

Customized solutions and implementation plans to meet your objectives within the time frame required.

International Expansion

OTTE Chrysalis team helps, advice on setting up a business or accessing investment opportunities in the UK. The team also helps you execute all stages of your agenda.

Online Retail - eCommerce

Whether your business is a startup, small business or a scaled-up enterprise; we may together build the world-class eCommerce setup that follows worldwide trends and predictions.

Digital Business Transformation

Having a proven track record of Digital Business Transformation, OTTE Chrysalis will help you design and manage your Digital Strategy and the Transformation Agenda(s)

Representation Services

OTTE Chrysalis acts on behalf of your company, gets together with your prospective clients and partners. Your business will benefit from having a London office on its own.


OTTE acts as a strategy partner to your business to help you better steer the nationwide and/or international business of yours by utilizing its vast experience, local know-how, in-depth market, competitor and customer insight.

Bilateral Investment

OTTE Chrysalis takes your business and investments through a structured route to better land your business in London and/or the rest of the UK as well as to the EU and the U.S.

Let us speak and better understand your objectives 

Growth and innovation are important, but big picture thinking can be tough, especially when you're busy with day-to-day transactions and business is consistently good. But could business be great? At OTTE Chrysalis Limited, we think so.

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